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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art TalkZ with Morty: Episode 1, 'Freud' Street Interviews

ArtTalkZ with Morty is Presented by The Performance Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Episode 1: Morty Brando pulls out the recorder and does a street interview after a performance of “Freud’s Last Session” at downtown Theatrical Outfit theater. He has just moved here and went to an old favorite dining institution named “Herren’s.” Long since removed, the space is now the home of an excellent Southern Theater.

"I walked in for a Porterhouse and walked out with Freud," Morty said.

 Excellent Performances
Benator (L) and 
 "Absolutely excellent craftsmanship from the painted floors melting into a psychologically twisting set design. It is directed by Jessica Phelps West as one would treat a fine bottle of red wine." - note from Morty written on a napkin.

  ArtTalkZ with Morty: Episode 1 by Performance Gallery

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